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Welcome to Nehru Memorial Techno Global Hospital

The presitigious Techno India Group has come about with its new endeavour, The Techno Global Memorial Hospital.

Doctor List
General Physician
Dr Subhadip Pramanik (MBBS) Mon,Wed,Fri 11 am -12 pm,6:30 pm-7:30 pm
Dr. R.K. Sarkar (MBBS,FCGP) Tue to Sat,Sun(By appointment) 4pm-5pm
Dr.Animesh Das Wednesday 9:30am-10:30am
Dr. Major. Sukanta Mondal(MBBS,AFMC-Pune,DNB1,PGDHM) Tue,Thus,Sat 9.30am-10.30am
General Surgery
Dr. Subikash Biswas(MS,MRCS,FMAS) Tue & Sat 6 pm - 7pm
Dr. Hassan H. Rahman( MS Lap) Mon, Wed, Sat 11.30am-12.30pm
Dr. Debasish Ray (MBBS,MS) Monday 1.30pm-2.30pm
Dr. Debasish Ray (MBBS,MS) Wednesday 11am-12pm
Dr.Suryasish Sengupta ( MBBS, DNB Sur) Tues, Wed, Sat 12pm-2pm
Dr.Suryasish Sengupta ( MBBS, DNB Sur) Sunday (By prior appointment) 11 am- 12pm
Dr. Arnab Roy (MBBS, MD(Medi),DM (Cardio) Monday 6pm-7pm
Dr. Arnab Roy (MBBS, MD(Medi),DM (Cardio) Wednesday 5pm-6pm
Dr. Arnab Roy (MBBS, MD(Medi),DM (Cardio) Saturday 4pm-5pm
Dr.Arijit Ghosh(MBBS,MD,DM-Cardio) Tuesday 9:30am-10:00am
Dr.Arijit Ghosh(MBBS,MD,DM-Cardio) Friday 8pm-8:30pm
Dr. Asis Chakraborty(DIHD Card, Dip Echo) Sunday 11am-1pm
Dr. Sankha Subhra Das(MBBS, MD, DTCD. DNB-Cardio, MRCP-UK) Tuesday 5pm-6pm
Dr. Samaresh Chandra Sarkar( MBBS DIP-CARD(PGDCC) Mon-Fri 11 am- 12pm
Dr. Swapan Kundu(DGO ,MD,FICOG-GOLD MEDALIST) Mon,Wed,Fri 11 am- 12pm
Dr. Jahar Lal Debnath ( MBBS, MD, DGO) Tuesday 10am-11am
Dr. Pranab Kr. Biswas ( MBBS, MD, FICOG) Saturday 2.30pm-4pm
Dr. Suman Dey ( MBBS,MS-Gynae,MRCOG-London) Wednesday 10am-12pm
Dr. Suman Dey ( MBBS,MS-Gynae,MRCOG-London) Tuesday 6pm-8pm
Dr. Kanta Bhattacharyya (MBBS Ex. House Surgeon Gyn &Obs) Thursday & Sat 6:30-7:30 pm,2:30 pm-3:30pm
Dr. Rachita Banerjee (Bera)(MBBS,DGO,MD-KOL) Tues & Sat 4:30pm-5:30pm
Dr. R.N.Sarkar(MBBS,MD,DGO) Monday 5pm-6pm
Dr. Soumya Mukherjee( MBBS, MS) Thurs & Sat 12pm-1 pm
Dr. Sonali Ganguly ( MBBS, DGO) Saturday 5pm - 6 pm
Dr. R N Jash( MBBS, DGO DMCW,MD) Tuesday & Saturday 11am-12pm
Dr. Sutapa Sen ( MBBS,MD-Gyn&Obs) Mon-Sat 10am-4pm
Dr.Sanjib Karmakar(MBBS,MD-Gyn&Obs) Mon&Fri 6pm - 8pm
Dr.Sanjib Karmakar(MBBS,MD-Gyn&Obs) Sunday On Call
Dr. Sushanta Paul ( MBBS, MS) Mon,Tue, Wed,Sun 7.30pm-8.30pm
Paediatric & Paediatric Surgery
Dr. Argha Kusum Pal (MBBS, DCH, MD Paed.) Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat 11am-1pm
Dr. Argha Kusum Pal (MBBS, DCH, MD Paed.) Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat 7.30pm - 8.30pm
Dr. Amit Adhikari (MD Pediatrics,CCIP) Mon,Tues,Fri 4pm-6pm
Dr. Sujoy Maitra(MS, DNB, MRCS, MCh Paed. Surgery, FMAS) Thursday 5pm - 6pm
Dr. Biswanath Das( MBBS,MS-Ped,Mch-Ped) Tuesday 7:30pm - 8:30pm
Dr.Sayan Bose{ MBBS, MD PAED] Thursday 4pm-5pm
Dr. Shouvik Bag (MS Ortho) Saturday 5.30pm-6.30pm
Dr. Kanchan Kr. Sabui (MBBS, MS Ortho) Friday 4pm-6pm
Dr. Nirmallya Basu( MBBS, MS-Ortho) Thursday 11am-12pm
Dr. Subhrajyoti Sil ( MBBS, MS Ortho) Thurs & Sat 1pm-2pm
Dr. Suvam Das[MBBS, Ms-Ortho) Mon-Sat 11:00 am- 01:00 pm
Dr. Jyotirmoy Pal [MD, FICP, FACP, WHO Fellow] Mon - Sat 4.30pm-5.30pm
Dr. Amit Bedi (MBBS, DIP Diabetes & Med) Monday 5pm - 6pm
Dr. Satyajit Paul (MBBS, MD Med.) Tuesday 5pm - 6pm
Dr.Sailen Sahani (MBBS,MRCP,MD-PGT) Mon & Thurs 07pm-09pm
Dr. Abhijnan Maji(MD,MRCP-Dub,MRCP-Glas,CCEBDM) Mon - Sat 11am-12pm
Dr. Nilanjan Indu ( MBBS, MD, IDCCM,CCEBDM) Wed & Sun 9am-10am
Dr. Sukdeb Chakraborty (BDS, AOCMF, PGAC) Fri-Sun 11am-12pm
Dr. Swati Bose (BDS) Wed , Thu,sat 12.30pm-2pm
Dr. Santajyoti Banerjee [BDS,MDS(PGT),PGDMC] Tues , Sat 12pm-2pm
Dr. Dipanjan Das (BDS) Mon ,Thur, Fri 6pm-8pm
Dr. Arpita Halder(BDS) Mon,Wed,Fri 4pm-6pm
Dr. Arpita Halder(BDS) Tues & Thur 4am-6am
Dr.Biplab Halder(MBBS,MS) Saturday 09am-10am
Dr. Swagatam Banerjee [MBBS , MS Gold Medallist] Tues & Thur 10.30am
Dr. Anindita Sengupta ( MBBS, MS) Tues, Fri & Sat 6pm-7pm
Dr. Pranabasish Banerjee ( MBBS- Gold Med, MS ENT-MRCS) Monday 6pm-7pm
Dr. Pranabasish Banerjee ( MBBS- Gold Med, MS ENT-MRCS) Sunday 2:30pm-3:30pm
Chest Medicine
Dr. Soumya Bhattacharyya(MBBS,MD-Pulmonary Medicine) Tuesday 9am-11am
Dr. Ritam Chakraborty(MBBS,MD-Pulmonary Medicine) Tue, Thur, Sat 12pm-2pm
Dr. Tamal Chakraborty [MD, DVD, MBBS (CAL)] Thursday 6pm
Dr. N.K. Das(MBBS,MD-Dermatology) Tuesday 7pm
Dr. Kaushik Ranjan Das [MBBS, DGC, PGCC] Tue, Thur, Sat 11am - 12 pm
Dr.Rajarshi Mukhopadhyay [MBBS,MD,DNB,DM(Endo),MRCP(LON,U.K),CCT(Endo&Gen Med),MRCP(Endo),FRCP(EDIN,U.K)] 2nd Sunday 2pm-4pm
Dr.Rajarshi Mukhopadhyay [MBBS,MD,DNB,DM(Endo),MRCP(LON,U.K),CCT(Endo&Gen Med),MRCP(Endo),FRCP(EDIN,U.K)] 4th Saturday 10.30am-12.30pm
Maxillo Facial Surgeon
Dr.Siddhertha Chakraborty[M.D.S.Chennai] Tuesday 12pm-2pm
Dr.JayantaChatterjee[MBBS,BDS,MDS(OMFS)] Mon,Wed, Thu, Sat 12pm-1pm
Dr. Shamik Gope Wed, Sat 4pm-6pm
Dr. Rajdeep Roy [MBBS, MD (PGT)] Tuesday 11am-12pm
Dr. Pratim Sengupta(MBBS,MD-Med, DM-Neph) by appointment
Dr Amit Bedi[MBBS,DIP Diabetes & Med] Monday 5pm-6pm
Dr. Abhisek Maity(MBBS, MD, DM) Friday 4pm-6pm
Dr.Sandip Bhattacharyya(MBBS,MD-Med,DM-Nephro) Tuesday 7:30-8:30 pm
Mrs. Sushma Ghosh Debnath Monday-Saturday 10am-05pm
Dr Gautam Das Thursday 4:30 P.M-5:30 P.M
Dr. S.B.Ray(DCH,MD,DM) Wednesday 5pm-6pm
Neuro Surgery
Dr. D Roy Barman [ MBBS, MCh Neuro Surgery Monday-Sunday 10am-4pm
Dr. Barun Kumar Pal(MBBS,MCh-Neuro Surgery) Monday 3pm-4pm
Dr.Nasim Akhter( MBBS,PHD-Trauma) Sunday 10am-12pm
Dr. Rituparna Jash Tue, Fri 5pm-6pm
Dr.Bhaskar Mukherjee(MD-Psychiatry) Wedsenday 3pm-5pm
Dr. Rajarshi Guha Thakurata(MBBS-HONS, GOLD MEDELIST, D.P.M-CAL, M.D-PSY,FIPS) Saturday 6.30pm-7.30pm
Neuro Psychiatry
Dr.Arijit DuttaChowdhury[MBBS,DPM,MD] Sunday 3pm-5pm
Dr. Supriyo Basu(MBBS, MS, M.Ch) Thursday 5pm-6pm
Dr. Kuntal Pandit(MBBS, MNAMS,DNB,FNB) Tuesday 6pm
Dr. Kuntal Pandit(MBBS, MNAMS,DNB,FNB) Saturday 5pm
Dr. Nilanjan Mitra( MBBS, MS, MCH, EMAC, Lap Surgeon) Wednesday 4pm-5pm
Dr. Asish Saha( MD Asst. Prof.) Sunday 4pm-6pm
Dr. Jayanta Samanta( MBBS, MD,DM, PGI) Wednesday 7pm-8.30pm
Dr. Jayanta Samanta( MBBS, MD,DM, PGI) Sunday 9.30am-11Am
Dr. Anjan Bera(MD) Tues - Fri,sat 4.30 pm,3 pm
Major(Retd)Dr. Shibashish Bhattacharyya(MBBS,MD-Medicine,DM-Onchology,AIIMS Mon to Sat, Sun 5pm-6pm, /10am-12pm
Contact Details
Techno Global Hospital
  • +91 33 66 303030 (Enquiry)
  • +91 33 66 303010 (OPD)
  • +91 33 66 303000 (Pharmacy)
  • Call us: +91 33 2592 9922
Key Highlights
  • Multi speciality OPD with both Economy & Specialilty clinic.
  • Multi Slice CT SCAN.
  • One of its kinds Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).
  • Maternity with separate obstetrics facility (special labour room).
  • Full-fledged male and female day care unit.
  • 24 hrs emergency facility with round the clock EMO.
  • Dedicated 24 hrs in-house RMO/ Register.
  • 24 Hours X-Ray & Pathology.
  • Well-equipped Dialysis Unit
  • Portable X-Ray, Holter Monitor, TMT, PFT & ECG
  • Fully Modernized automated pathology set up.
  • Dental Facility with chair-side X-ray
  • Free night ambulance pick up with cashless admission facility at the depth of night (Payment can be done in the next morning)
  • Temple and Prayer Hall.
  • Patient Counseling facility and dedicated experienced counselor.
  • Geriatric (Senior citizen) Care Facility with Geriatric Camp.
  • Good connection & fast movement to tertiary super speciality care as and when required by our own fully equipped intensive care ambulance.
General Medicine
Chest Medicine
Paediatric Surgery
Maxillofacial Surgery
Our Services
A typical eco-friendly green hospital set amidst an area of 4 acres with more than 1 lakh sq. ft. construction area, beautified landscaped pond.
We are ready to cater 40 OPD slots per day serving not less than 1000 patients per day (both OPD & IPD)
Dedicated Trauma Care team
Senior Citizen Discount
Priority Membership*
Knee & Joint Replacement
Diabetology & Endocrine Clinic
Back-up 24 hours & MD Doctor
Special Package on Surgery, Gynae & Obstretics
Dedicated Physiotherapy and Yoga Therapy
Two full fledged modern OT with C-arm and Laparoscopic Instruments.
Facility to pick up patient from primary care
Medical tourism – Encouragement of medical tourism through dedicated guest room facility
Economic and hygienic food court.
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